Save Prego from the unjust shackles
We are on a crusade to save Prego from
being wrongfully convicted.


If we as a society stand for nothing, we fall for anything.
Free Prego Goley.

An innocent life is at stake here, for the wrongful conviction of Prego is not only the fall of one man - it's the fall of the trust,
confidence, reliability, and honor of the entire Justice System as a whole.


Steel sharpens steel!
Please join us in this noble cause to get
Prego Goley justice!


The race is not given to the swift, Nor the war to the strong, It’s to those who endure to the end. Never give up!

We live in a society where justice is hard to come by for all. With our institutions failing to protect the rights of so many, we need an everyday hero to help defend the disenfranchised. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, without judgment. And yet, every day, people are rejected for things that have nothing to do with their abilities or talents. An Injustice anywhere is, is a threat to justice everywhere. (M.L.K)
George Goley, aka Prego, is a prime example and byproduct of injustice.

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The Movement

George Goley, aka Prego, is a victim of a clear case of abuse of power. An innocent man has been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated (living this nightmare) for the past 28 years of his life.

Here, you will find all the indisputable evidence of this case’s facts and figures, including police reports, a notarized affidavit from the EYEWITNESS, George’s polygraph results, and numerous credentials and accolades of the examiner. Moreover, a video of the examiner Mr. Larry Silcox (Forensic Psychophysiologist and polygraph examiner) with 50+ years in law enforcement, and other documents proving the innocence of George/Prego Goley.

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