About Us

“No matter how flat a pancake may be, there’s always two sides. For even a broken clock is right twice a day” Dr. Phill.
As important and necessary as our Justice System is, it too has it’s imperfections. 

Prego’s life is entangled in the web of those defects of our Justice System, while hanging in the balance of hope. It is our responsibility as citizens of The United States of America to ensure that Justice is served for all, especially the innocent. We need your help in saving innocent lives such as Prego’s which would not only address the imperfections within our Justice System but also change the outcome of this Injustice that has cost an innocent man 28+ years of his life.

About Prego Goley

Prego is innocent and doesn’t deserve to die in prison!
Now 47, he was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life for the 1993 shooting death of Kenmore businessman, Mr. John Lake Sr. He has spent the last 28+yrs. of his life in prison.
No matter a person’s color, creed, income, or sexuality being a citizen of the United States of America everyone deserves equal Justice, especially the innocent.
Prison is an inhumane place.
The only hope of surviving the mental anguish and physical toll that being in prison is on anyone is strength, determination, and resilience.
Now, add the fact of being there almost 3 decades, alone, without any support whatsoever
It shakes you to your core.
Being less fortunate financially or a person of color (bi-racial) with no one to depend on is not an excuse, yet, it does present an extra challenge for an already uphill battle.
Being falsely accused and wrongfully convicted all the while maintaining innocence and fighting for freedom is a burden that will compromise the strongest of an individual’s sanity and confidence.

Recently discovered, withheld exculpatory evidence clearly proves his innocence. He has consistently maintained his innocence. Only limited time is left to save his life.
The fate of George Prego Goley rest with you
Please join us in this noble cause in correcting this Injustice for an innocent life is at stake.
“The time is always right to do what is right. Lives begin to end when we start being silent about things that matter” M.L.K.