A lot of time has passed by but it’s never too late for justice!

Unfortunately, being innocent doesn’t always equate to being free. Prego’s life is a prime example of this. At the same time, he continues to strive to clear his name which is a testament to his indomitable will to survive and succeed.
Prego is truly innocent and deserves his freedom!
The numbers are too great for him to accomplish the feat of freedom alone. Please be a voice, a presence, help in any way you possibly can in correcting this Injustice.

Are you interested in helping and willing to take action?

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This case has drawn the attention of Attorney Mrs. Megan Patituce (a former prosecutor) of the high-powered Patituce and Associates Law Firm.
Donations are appreciated in which all proceeds go to Mr. Goley’s Legal Defense Fund.
Please sign the petition in support of Justice for George Goley aka Prego.

Akron, Ohio