Help save Prego’s life and regain his freedom

We live in a society in which Justice isn’t always a given for everyone. Sometimes it takes a stand, a struggle, a fight to obtain this right. At the same time, Where there’s no struggle, there’s no progress. With that, support is essential in achieving Justice and equality for each and everyone. To correct an Injustice of 28 years is an uphill battle, to say the least, at the same time there is no doubt that with the proper support, commitment, and diligence it can be accomplished. Please stand with us in unified support of our mission to Free Prego Goley. His life has been a journey of survival, perseverance, and despair yet he remains a man of honor, strength, and righteousness.
Politics should stop at the water’s edge.
He who passively accepts evil is just as much involved as the doer. For those in the know, the devil is in the detail. Please read facts and watch the polygraph examiner’s video then support the cause of avenging the wrongful conviction and incarceration of Mr. George Goley aka Prego.